Museum Shops Association of Australia & New Zealand

The only professional organisation dedicated to cultural retail management in Australasia


The MSAANZ funds its operations through membership fees from both organisation members, individual members, and from supplier members. These provide funding for activities such as our annual conference, professional development workshops,  annual retail recognition awards, a quarterly newsletter, data collection and reporting, on site store consultation services, and general information about the cultural retail industry. The MSAANZ also plays an advocacy role for its members and lobbies industry to support that role.

Membership is open to Organisations, Individuals and Suppliers who subscribe to and act in accordance with the MSAANZ Constitution. In becoming a member you commit to the ethics and principles of the cultural retail sector.

The MSAANZ  members forum provides both museum store buyers and vendors a platform to connect in this distinctive industry – colleagues can ask each other for support and advice, buyers don’t have to look far and vendors have access to this unique target audience. SIGN IN HERE